LeadsLeap Best 5 Alternatives And Competitors

In this post We'll show you how to generate 100% real traffic for your website with this LeadsLeap review and best 5 alternatives to LeadsLeap.


LeadsLeap Review: Best 5 Alternatives And Competitors

We'll show you how to generate 100% real traffic for your website in this LeadsLeap review.

We’ve been using LeadsLeap for about 3 months now.

It’s one of our primary methods to attract people to our site.

We think that now is the ideal time to publish our LeadsLeap review following the release of version 4.0 of the software.

In fact, this may be the most comprehensive guide to LeadsLeap you've ever seen.

We will also give some good alternatives and competitors to LeadsLeap so let's start!

What is LeadsLeap?

Singaporean Kenneth Koh established LeadsLeap.

You will receive an email series from Kenneth on his life lessons when you join up, which is free.

In summary, LeadsLeap is a platform that enables you to create new leads.

Its features include several free ones.

Because of this, we continue to use it often.

There are several affiliate programs available on this platform if you are interested in affiliate marketing.

They currently have around 170.000 members.

You'll find a lot of adverts for MMO (make money online) niches.

There are a ton of brand-new business chances here as well.

As a result, it's a terrific location to locate the right one for you.

LeadsLeap Features


You may discover the following under "Traffic": Post Credit-Ads

You may use this tool to promote your website as a free member.

In the part after this, we shall explain.

Post Pro Ads (Available in Pro Membership)

You may submit your advertising, and the network will cycle them without charging you any credits.

In other words, traffic will come without you doing anything.

Check out Bookmarked Ads

You can save the adverts you find interesting while browsing LeadsLeap.

You can also discover them afterward.

Write Social Review

You can utilize this feature in addition to others as a free member.

For the purpose of directing people to your affiliate offerings, you might write a review of your program.

The social review's objective is to generate quality leads through LeadsLeap and search engines.

Here is a straightforward explanation of link rotators in case you are unfamiliar with them.

Say you have three distinct links and three distinct capture pages.

All of those links and capture pages may be placed on link rotators.

Your visitor will be forwarded to one of the links within when you send traffic to your link rotators.

Each of your links' weights can be changed from 1 to 5.

Greater numbers indicate that they will appear more frequently than smaller amounts.

Say, for illustration, that you have 2 links.

You chose a weight of 5 for the first link.

You chose a weight of 3 for the second connection.

Your first link will thus appear around 5 times per 8 rotations, and your second link will appear approximately 3 times.


In this menu, you will find:

  • Email Marketing (Free)
  • Page Builder (Free)
  • Funnel Builder (Pro Membership)
  • Form/Popup Creator (Free)
  • Hosting Service (Pro Membership)

Page Creator

This function is among the greatest free ones available if you don't have a website.

You could make:

  • Voting page
  • page of thanks
  • Analyze page
  • selling page
  • Download page

For every single one of those pages, LeadsLeap is kind enough to offer a free template.

Consequently, you don't need to start from the beginning.

You only need to modify the copywriting, and you're ready to go.

Watch this video to learn more about LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap Alternatives

Here is a list of the best 5 LeadsLeap alternatives

  1. trafficadbar
  2. easyhits4u
  3. Herculist Plus
  4. Clickfunnel
  5. groovefunnels


I hope that reading my Leadsleap review has given you a better understanding of what this platform is all about, how it operates, and—most importantly—how reliable it is.

You are now in an excellent position to make a wise choice.

Simply post your question in the comment box if you still have one.

I'll be pleased to get back to you right away!

Every day, we create unique, the best information that thousands of people worldwide may access for knowledge, education, and fun.

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