The Truth About Making Money with Sweatcoin App


The Truth About Making Money with Sweatcoin App

The news about the profit from walking spread all over the world. This news started with the innovative Western world and ended with the Arab world. Users think that the  Sweatcoin App will make them rich and that their problems are solved, they only need to walk to get daily profits. There have been many questions about the application and the way to get money from it to the point that everyone has become interested in the simple services it provides because most people walk, so there is no problem in installing it and profiting without getting tired.

The app pays with a unit called Sweatcoin which is a type of point or can be considered cryptocurrency mining. The app's official website tells you that it wants you to be healthier by walking. Your points increase daily when you walk and you can get a maximum number of points that you cannot exceed. The application is based on the principle of mining until you reach specific Sweatcoins in order to pay you $1,000. But there are facts you should know that we can include for you through the following questions and answers.

Is the Sweatcoin profit app real or fake?

The walking earning Sweatcoin app is real but we must know that you have to get 20,000 Sweatcoins in order to win $1,000. The maximum number of Sweatcoins you can get daily is only 20. In one month you can get 160 Sweatcoins. If the time period for profit from the application is calculated, you will find that you need 1000 days, which is approximately three years. This time is very long, and you can get very large profits from other non-profit ways of walking.

Is the Sweatcoin app worth it?

I don't think it's worth it to make money from it. Profit from walking is a fantasy, although the application promises you profit. But getting 20 Sweatcoins makes the time too long and impatient for this time. Also, the application can distribute money or profits in the future to specific countries and not others. There is a kind of cheating in the promises made by the platform developed for the application. But maybe no one will get the profits if the time is right. The application can help you know the pedometer and the distance you have walked, but there are other applications that may be more accurate than it.

What are the alternatives to the Sweatcoin app?

Many app developers, as well as smartphone experts, have found that Sweatcoin is draining the battery of the phone. For this, the advice is always not to make it run in the background and rely on default applications. Most Android phones in addition to the iPhone have a default health application. This app calculates your daily activity and counts steps. Even the Sweatcoin application suspects that it obtains information from virtual applications and does not count the steps because these applications are more accurate, especially since the company has conducted tests on them so that the numbers that it obtains are ready.

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Can Sweatcoins be converted into money and sent?

Walking Profit App does not transfer funds until the 20,000 Coins expire. This means that you have to wait until this number is reached. In addition, you must know that you are limited to 20 Coins per day, and it takes 1000 days. There is a very important issue that you may not take into account, which is the holidays. People tend to rest during the holidays, so their activity is almost non-existent. The application does not count the steps, and you cannot reach 20 Coins these days. From my point of view, the application of profit from walking is nothing more than a media whirlwind.

How many steps to get to 20,000?

It takes 21 million steps to get to 20,000 Sweatcoins. This number is very large and can make a person more healthy than necessary, but he should not reach the stage of stress or fatigue. The application can be approved within the phone and considered as a joke or for the account only until this number is reached, which requires years. Those who are serious about profiting from walking this day will have their seriousness and passion gone a month from now. In the beginning, the application was promoted by influencers, so questions accumulated and interest increased. While today, we do not find anyone asking except those who hear and consider themselves significantly late.

How much is each walking Sweatcoin?

Every 1 Coin is worth 1 cent, which means you need 100 Coins to get $1. But you cannot convert these points into dollars and you cannot withdraw them. You need to complete the prescribed number of 20,000 Sweatcoins to get to $1,000. In order to win 1 dollar from the process, you need five days to be fully active. This means that looking for a method other than profit from walking during this period is better. You can profit from sitting down by creating a blog and writing articles instead.

Does the application of profit from walking work on the treadmill?

Yes, the application works on the treadmill, as well as walking inside and outside the house. That is if you put the phone in your pocket and you were walking on the treadmill or inside the house, it will count your steps. Walking outside the house will also earn you step counting. For this, you can put the phone in your pocket only and not care because the application will count all your steps until you reach the estimated total number of 21 million steps to reach 20,000 Sweatcoins, but as we told you, it is limited to 20 per day.

Can Sweatcoins be transferred to another wallet?

You can try the method of transferring the coins that you earn from your account to another account. This is done through the settings and then go to your wallet and choose the username you want to transfer to. But it is taken into account that the name is accurate and without any error in order to avoid the arrival of Coins to another person. This process works if you have three or more accounts and all Sweatcoins are eventually transferred to one account to speed up the profit process from walking.

How does a walking profit app pay money?

The walking profit application when you reach the limit of 20,000 Sweatcoins will pay you your walking earnings. There are two main ways to get profits. The first method is via PayPal and the second method is via Amazon Cards. You can either transfer money and receive it in cash or cash or through Amazon cards that you can shop with. There is no other method mentioned for transferring money so you must calculate this type of account before you use the application.

Conclusion about profit from walking

The application of profit from walking took its large share, especially in the Google search engine. Install the application on any phone you own, whether it works on Android or iPhone. Take it as a joke and use it only to monitor your steps and your walking distance. Don't rely on the app as your primary means of profiting from walking. You can follow the latest news on the application or ask any question on the question and answer site about the application or write a response in this article to be answered in detail. Don't let Arab article writers deceive you by turning dreams into rosy and you can become rich from this app.

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