7 Tips to Increase The Number of Visitors to your Website

7 Tips to Increase The Number of Visitors 1. Leave a Comment 2. social networks to bring visitors 3. Join groups 4. Respond to comments 5. Your real


7 Tips to Increase The Number of Visitors to your Website

As a blogger, the best support available to me is the audience. But for the truth, I'm not sure that a blogger can survive over time without it. Our loyal readers read, respond to, and sometimes share our content. They talk about us to their surroundings and loved ones, and thus this helps us develop. It is real support and I personally am always grateful to be able to count on you.

However, building an honest, loyal audience is not easy, and requires a lot of investment. In this article, I will review seven important points that you should work on on a daily basis to build trust with readers, in order to bring visitors to your site and create a loyal audience around your blog.

1. Leave a Comment

You cannot publish an article and wait and hope that visitors will find it simply and easily. Starting a blog or website is not that easy, and getting visitors to your site, and building an audience around it, is more difficult than you think. If you want visitors to talk to you and leave comments - because we hope to receive feedback - you have to read their content first and interact with them.

When you read an article, feel free to express your opinion about what was shared and talk about your feeling or experience. If you do this consistently, visitors will often come to your blog and also comment on your content.

It is something that needs to be done regularly to maintain this exchange. You will quickly realize that with each new article, these visitors will be present.

2. The importance of social networks to bring visitors to your site

When I find a blog where I find great content, the first thing I do is follow this person on social media. I want to know who the owner of this site is, what his interests are, and see what kind of photos he shares on Instagram, for example, etc. So be active on various social media platforms and above all interact with the people who follow you. Add responses if they "tweet", for example, leave a comment or send a private message. Be honest and communicative, visitors will appreciate these things and will reciprocate.

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3. Join and interact with groups

Bringing visitors to your site, and creating an audience also arises by joining groups of people who share your interests, you will be able to exchange different topics and share your opinions, tips, and special publications (eg Quora). This way, other visitors can discover you and may become regular readers of your blog.

Personally, I know that a large part of my blog followers come from groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and Pinterest... This makes sense because I mainly share topics for better blogging and social networking.

My posts are focused aimed at reaching people who are interested in the topics I am talking about. So feel free to join the groups that match what you write and be active and engaged, and don't just share your new articles!

4. Respond to comments from followers and visitors

If you don't take the time to respond to comments visitors leave on your blog, site, or social media accounts, there's little chance that you'll get visitors to your site, and that people will continue to follow you. They will know very quickly if you are someone who takes the trouble to thank your readers, or provides answers to their questions. Be close to the people who follow you, and feel free to link to them. This is what will make them become visitors and loyal followers.

They will know that not only can they find useful information on your blog, but they can also exchange with you about certain things.

5. Your real name or nickname

If people are following you and reading to you, they will definitely like what you do, not only for that, but also because they like your personality, and feel close to them. Who among us, does not adore the owner of a YouTube channel where he does not miss a single video, although there is nothing in common. He may be of another nationality, or his clothing style doesn't match your personality, but you don't miss any of his videos. Why? Well, because you admire his personality and kindness.

Unveiling your personality and introducing your real name will help you distinguish yourself from others, and establish kinship with your readers. Feel free to share your personality, your real name, not your nickname, the things you like that make you laugh or annoy you, but also your doubts and questions. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

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6. Publish your articles regularly

Regularity is very important in order to bring in visitors to your website and to keep followers interested, but posting different or new things is also important. If you deal with the same topics, people often get bored and won't see a reason to come back. By diversifying your content and publishing it regularly, readers will always be waiting for your articles and enjoy reading your posts.

7. Ask and answer followers

Once again, give due diligence to the interest of your visitors. Know exactly what they want to read, their interests, concerns, problems that you can solve, ask and answer followers, etc... Fulfill requests that will help bring visitors to your site, maintain followers, increase their loyalty and build an audience around your blog.

Additionally, try to analyze their behavior, in particular, while they are on your blog. Do different tests, to get to know what they like best. Thus, you can organize times to view posts, share on social networks, and reach more people at the same time.

In my opinion, having a loyal audience and followers is the most important thing, which is why you should not hesitate to invest time and effort in this section, bringing visitors to your site to get people's support is a real source of motivation for you to keep going!

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