How To Use Money Robot Link Building Safely

In this article, I’m going to be discussing my review case study of money robot and how to use the software safely and launch the free campaign.


How To Use Money Robots Link Building Safely

In this article, I’m going to be discussing my review case study of money robot.

I've started the test and have received the final findings, which are wonderful to see. This case study will continue to evolve. I'll cover all the details because you might be curious about what the test entails.

But first, let's briefly go through the definition of Money Robot so that everyone is clear before I discuss my experience using it, along with the exam and case study.

About Money Robot.

Money Robot is an SEO program that runs on a PC, but I access it on a Mac since I use a virtual private server from CAVPSHost, which offers the lowest prices and offers for purchasing several VPSs. A VPS with 3GB of RAM, 40GB of HDD storage, and 9TB of bandwidth cost me $11 a month. They are available for only $6 a month, which is the lowest price I could find.

Anyway, the main purpose of Money Robot is to build a network of web 2.0 hyperlinks to your "money-site."

After conducting my research and using the program firsthand (I presently have it installed on 4 PCs), it is evident that it only delivers connections to obscure web 2.0s, not your Tumblrs, Weebly, or other well-known websites.

Instead, you might consider this to be a Private Blog Network that the program's creator, Nick, has established. The software enables you to create subdomains on that website and effectively build your own private Web 2.0s there.

These are PBNs; don't let anyone convince you differently. And when you buy the program, you should be well aware of this.

You might be wondering, therefore, why I use it. In any case, I am aware of how to use the program safely, and I will be going into greater detail about this as well as showing you the outcomes of my link-building experiments.

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The safe way to use money robot

It should be mentioned that I NEVER connect directly to my main website, also known as your money site, using money robot.

This is a risky tactic since all it would take is for one member of Google's spam team to penalize every website that links to [].

To protect me against algorithmic or human penalties, I ALWAYS utilize an intermediate bridge site or page.

I post material on this intermediary website, which is often a web 2.0 platform like Tumblr, Weebly, Medium, etc., and it ties back to my primary website.

How to use Money Robot Safely

These well-known sites are perfect for transferring link equity (power) from these dubious web 2.0 sites that Money Robot constructed since they have strong SEO metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Trust Flow.

I prefer to refer to this procedure as "Link Equity Funneling."

If things go bad and I start to notice that my web 2.0 intermediate connections are getting increasingly "poison," I can easily cut off the connection to my primary website.

As shown below:

Remove connexion between inetrmediary web 2.0 and main website

You might be wondering how you can know whether links are getting "toxic." To identify links with a high toxicity risk, I utilize tools like SEO Spyglass.

To determine if Money Robot links are successful in passing link equity and so improving rankings.

Theoretically, backlinks from Money Robot will transfer link equity and either assist a website rank higher in organic search or not.

Results: Continue reading

How to use money robot for free

After downloading the software and signing up you need to launch your first campaign for Web 2.0 blogs or Web 2.0 profiles etc...

You can benefit from the 7 days free trial and use it to build backlinks for your blog or website.

To do so just right-click on the blank area and choose a new task just like shown below:

How to launch campaign in money robots for free

After choosing the right option for you just put your keywords and the intermediary URL (not your main website) and a piece of your article (Money Robots will spin the piece of the article to be indexed) and then launch the campaign.

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Is Money Robots effective?

For the sake of the test, I won't provide the precise URL since, as some of you may be aware, time spent on the site and direct traffic are ranking variables that will impact the final result.

I'll only be noting the outcomes because I'm doing my best to examine this particular variable.

Exactly how I've organized the exam is as follows:

  • Select the 3 URLs to include links in (Main medium profile and 2 posts)
  • Establish campaigns based on past performance (deemed in a multivariable ranking environment)
  • measuring outcomes

essential factors

  • the prefix, which indicates that all of this site's URLs currently have almost no backlinks (1 in total)
  • Total ranking for 128 keywords and monthly organic traffic of around 77

Final results

The rankings of the URLs have improved generally by +20.62 percent from their original positions. What a great ranking improvement!

Additionally, Share of Voice has grown by 600%, indicating that keywords are now ranking higher.

One of the greatest tools available for link building is Money Robot. Although I never advise using a program to handle all of your backlinking, Money Robot is the ideal choice when your sites need a little additional help. For what it offers, this application has a really straightforward user interface that lets you make solid link-building templates that you can then edit, with a lot of the labor-intensive work already done. Anyone interested in SEO should give this tool a try as it offers a free trial. It has a number of functions, at least one of which will undoubtedly help your SEO strategy.

If you want to check out the Money Robot SEO software in the interim, you can do so and enjoy a 7-day free trial.

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