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in today’s article, we will provide you with a guide about the BigCommerce platform, where we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of BigCom


BigCommerce complete explanation and how to create an online store on it in 2022

The biggest challenge you may encounter when creating a new online store is to determine the best suitable platform for it, and certainly, in the search results you have found the BigCommerce platform, which is one of the most popular online store platforms today, and you want to determine if it is suitable for your online store or not?

Therefore, in today’s article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide about the BigCommerce platform, where we will explain the advantages and disadvantages and will show a full analysis of the prices, as well as how to create a demo account on the platform and benefit from all its services, and we will discuss with you the most important frequently asked questions about the platform, continue reading the article with us and then you will find yourself able On determining whether it is suitable for your online store or not.

What is the BigCommerce platform?

The BigCommerce platform is an electronic platform specialized in creating electronic stores, it was established in 2003 by Eddie Machakani and Mitchell Harper in Sydney, Australia, and after 8 years in 2009 AD, it expanded offices in Austin / Texas, USA. In 2014 AD It expanded further in San Francisco, USA.

In 19 years of its presence in the e-store design market, the BigCommerce platform was able to gain the trust of 60,000 customers, and host more than 95,000 websites, and this number is not quite small and indicates the quality of the platform's services, as it hosts online stores for large brands, for example, Ben and Jerry's and Skull Candy and Paypal.

They create online stores on their own servers, this means that you do not need to buy external hosting in order to build your online store, but you pay a monthly rent for the servers of the BigCommerce platform, and this is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, as it saves you the trouble of buying external hosting and connecting it to the store But if there is a problem with the platform’s servers, you will lose the site completely, but this system is followed in all e-store hosting companies, so do not worry!

What is distinctive about the BigCommerce platform is that you can rely on it to create and design an integrated online store without programming experience. The programming languages ​​support CSS and HTML to customize certain parts of the online store, which are more suitable for programmers.

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BigCommerce platform services and pricing?

The price is one of the main points that some rely on when choosing a special platform to be relied on to create an online store, so we will discuss with you the prices of the BigCommerce platform in detail.

And when you try to access the pricing page for BigCommerce platform services, you will find that it is closed and you need to contact technical support to get prices this helps them to adjust prices periodically without notifying new users as well as on the features of the plans, but after trying to access prices from technical support we found that they provide 3 different plans to suit everyone as follows:

  • Standard Account: This is the lowest account in the BigCommerce platform but is very suitable for small and medium businesses, as it allows you to place an unlimited number of products, unlimited visits to your online store, and the ability to receive payments via Paypal bank completely without any fees, but It sets you a sales limit of $50,000, and if sales exceed that limit, you're automatically moved to the higher plan, which costs $29.95 per month.
  • Plus account: This account is suitable for medium and large projects that achieve a monthly income of more than 50 thousand dollars, as it includes all the features of the BigCommerce Standard account in addition to not calculating any fees for all financial transactions on the online store in all payment methods, and adding advanced features Such as defining a list of special customers and specifying special offers for them, as well as the Abandoned Cart Saver feature that helps you identify customers who have not completed the purchase process and communicate with them to urge them to buy, at the cost of $ 79.95 per month.
  • Pro Account: This account is the highest plan in the BigCommerce platform, and is suitable for major projects, as it has all the features of a BigCommerce Plus account plus some additional features such as a free paid SSL certificate, product filtering for visitors, and use of all optimization tools Search engines are free, as well as Amazon pay services, at a cost of $299.95 per month, and if sales exceed $400,000, an additional $200 is required for every $200,000.

The BigCommerce platform also offers the following sub-plans:

  • Free account: The BigCommerce platform provides a free account for all members for 14 days, and you can get it without requiring any proof of identity or payment method, as well as all the features of the BigCommerce Standard account and if you like the store, you can upgrade your account on the platform from free to one of the previous three plans.
  • Enterprise account: This account is intended for major stores and institutions, where a special package is customized according to the needs of companies and is at a special cost, as well as you are given special features such as initial technical support, special hosting for your online store and a guarantee of uptime.

It should be noted that all prices in the previous plans are in the monthly plans only, but when you pay semi-annually, you get an additional 10% discount, and when you pay annually, you get an additional 20% discount.

And after we know the prices of the BigCommerce platform, we will fully display the advantages and disadvantages of the platform so that you can make an integrated decision about the platform and determine if it is really suitable for you and your business or not.

Features of the platform?

The BigCommerce platform provides you with many advantages that may make it one of the most important e-store creation platforms at the moment, and they can be summarized in the following points:

  • Ease of use: One of the most important features of the BigCommerce platform is the ease of use, as you do not need any programming experience completely in order to create and design an integrated online store, and the interface is very simple and provides you with a simple explanation on the interface when you use it for the first time that helps you identify it Rapidly.
  • Multiple and free templates: You can rely on the platform templates fully for ease of setting up your online store all templates are fully customizable and editable, but it provides you with 12 free templates and the rest of the templates are paid.
  • An unlimited number of products: The website platform provides you with the ability to add an unlimited number of products in all plans of the platform and this is a very great feature that removes the restrictions on adding products completely and does not force you to delete the expired products and add them again when needed, but it can only be hidden in a simple way and then Trace it again.
  • Unlimited Visitors: The platform allows you to get unlimited visitors to all your online store products and this helps you to publish your site extensively without worrying about the number of visitors, but the platform only charges you for the number and cost of completed sales.
  • Create a multi-currency store: The platform enables you to create a multi-currency online store in a straightforward way so that it is suitable for all customers, and it is distinguished that this feature is available in all plans of the platform, unlike some other platforms such as the Shopify platform that only offers this service on high plans The price.
  • Providing AMP Pages for the Store: AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the important points that Google takes into account in ranking articles on the first pages.
  • Automatic Image Optimization: The website provides you with high-quality automatic image optimization and compression service, which helps you keep your online store running as fast as possible, providing the best possible customer experience as well as making your online store compatible with Google search engine.
  • Sub-blog: The site facade allows you to create a sub-blog on your online store, which you can rely on to publish daily information to customers, as well as use it to write articles according to the SEO rules of your e-store, which increases the percentage of visits to your e-store and thus increases sales for sure!
  • Technical Support: Technical support is very special, as it provides you with an integrated technical support team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the ability to communicate with them via live chat on the platform’s website, or by phone call or by e-mail, So you should always make sure that when you need technical support they are there to help you.

Disadvantages of the platform?

The BigCommerce platform, like all online store creation platforms, has its drawbacks as well as its advantages. The most common disadvantages that we met in the platform are the following points:

  • Prices are relatively high: When you compare the prices of the website with some of the competition, you may find that it is relatively more expensive, as the lowest plan on the platform starts at $29.99 per month.
  • Limited Free Themes: BigCommerce offers you a limited number of free templates “12” and the rest of the templates are all paid and cost $150-250 which is relatively high.
  • The inability to create a multilingual store: Many want to create a multilingual online store to suit all customers, and this feature is not available on the BigCommerce platform, but you can use it through external add-ons, for example, Weglot, but it is paid for at a price starting from $ 21 It provides you with more than 100 additional languages, and the translation is automatic but can be modified manually.
  • Do not calculate taxes automatically: If you want to publish your online store in more than one country, you must consider calculating taxes in multiple ways. This feature is not available in the BigCommerce platform, but it can be used simply by external plugins, for example adding Avalara, Vertex, or TaxCloud, and this is At an additional cost certainly over the price of the platform service itself.
  • Sales limits: BigCommerce charges you a maximum monthly sales amount, and if you exceed this limit your account will be upgraded directly to the higher plan, which in turn could drain the budget from your annual account without your knowledge.

How to set up an online store on the platform?

Creating an online store on the BigCommerce platform is very simple and does not require any experience completely, and you can get a demo account with all the features of the platform so that you can fully test it without requiring you to verify an identity or payment method in order to be fully secured.

First of all, you enter the platform website and click on Start Your Free Trial as shown in the following image:

How to set up an online store on the BigCommerce platform?

After that, you will be asked to enter some personal data as follows:

  • First name, then last name.
  • Your phone number is preceded by the country code and you will not be asked to activate the phone number until after converting the account from free to paid.
  • You will not be asked to activate the e-mail until after the account is upgraded.
  • The password must be at least 8 characters, including lowercase and uppercase letters, at least one number, and a special sign eg # or &.
  • The name of the online store will appear at the top of the store and can be modified later.
  • The size of the business activity, whether it is a new project or making monthly profits in advance, and you want to transfer it to their electronic platform.

Create Your BigCommerce store

After that, you click on Create Your Store, and in this way, a new online store for the e-project was created free of charge for 14 days without the need to prove an identity or payment method, and then you design the e-store template and add

BigCommerce is a Reliable Choice, but High Price

BigCommerce's Pro Plan price has changed, however, it still closely resembles that of other e-commerce platforms.

The website received high marks for price in our comprehensive product evaluation. BigCommerce outperforms Shopify if you're operating a large shop since it provides tailored Enterprise options.

This E-commerce platform is a desirable alternative for the majority of e-commerce enterprises since it has no transaction fees and all the tools you need to launch your online store. Stores with huge numbers of low-margin products might be an exception since BigCommerce pricing based on sales can work against you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best plan in BigCommerce?

The BigCommerce platform offers a range of plans to suit the needs of most people, but we may recommend the Standard plan because it is suitable in terms of price and specifications and is suitable for small and medium stores.

What payment methods are available on this platform?

The BigCommerce platform provides payment by 4 methods and they are Visa - MasterCard - Paypal - Amazon Pay

Can my account be upgraded from plan to higher or vice versa easily?

Yes, you can upgrade your account at any time from a plan to a higher plan or vice versa, but if your account is automatically upgraded due to exceeding your monthly sales limit, you will not be able to go back to the lower plan again.


And with this, we may have reached the conclusion of the review after we explained the most important features of the BigCommerce platform as well as the common flaws that appeared to us during use, and we discussed with you all the prices of services and the most important frequently asked questions about the BigCommerce platform, and we explained to you how to create a free trial account for 14 days on the platform without documentation Any personal identity or payment method if you still have a question, feel free to comment below the article and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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