Niche Marketing Kit review Legit or Scam? (2022)

The Niche Marketing Kit, according to John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson, is the greatest internet marketing toolbox they have ever created...


Niche Marketing Kit review Legit or Scam (2022)

What exactly is a Niche Marketing Kit? Is John Thornhill a trustworthy individual? Can this program assist you in your online endeavors?

We'll find out soon enough if you read this review.

In other words, I'm enthusiastic about knowledge that may help us better our lives, start an internet company, and so on.

You may be confident that you will receive an honest and unbiased assessment from me throughout my Niche Marketing Kit review.

We will attempt to address your queries regarding Niche Marketing Kit in this review.

It should provide you with a comprehensive grasp of the product and determine whether it is worth your money.

Overview: The Niche Marketing Kit is a massive bundle that includes 5 specialized marketing niches or strategies, as well as a lot of PLR content, templates, training, and guides.

There is a lucrative possibility here for online marketers, but it is not for everyone.

Also, the PLR material on this page may be used to create social media or email campaigns.

However, the majority of the PLR information is out of date, therefore we must decide whether or not this package made by John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson is worthwhile.

If you're in a hurry, Niche Marketing Kit is legal, but I don't suggest it. See the rest of my Niche Marketing Kit review to find out why I don't recommend it!

But instead of it I highly recommend the Native ads master class.

What Exactly Is a Niche Marketing Kit?

The Niche Marketing Kit, according to its developers, John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson, is the greatest internet marketing toolbox they have ever created.

John and Dave are both great online marketers with several years of expertise in the internet sector.

They generated millions of dollars in sales alone in 2019, and as a result, they decided to produce a product that will educate others on how to accomplish the same or even better than them.

The Niche Marketing Kit is a one-of-a-kind product package that includes tried-and-true marketing tactics, tools, and goods.

In addition, there are extra items, training videos, and tutorials, as well as PLR packages and templates. In addition, John will provide you with an inner circle and support.

Niche Marketing Kit creator

The Niche Marketing Kit is run by Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill.

As I previously stated, both are accomplished online marketers with many years of expertise in the internet sector.

They are also top Clickbank affiliates who collaborated to develop a set of tactics and tools to assist other marketers in becoming successful in affiliate marketing.

John began his career in digital business and marketing.

He began selling on eBay in the early 2000s and then moved on to Clickbank as an affiliate marketer.

He went all the way by developing his affiliate programs and goods, such as The Niche Marketing Kit and others.

I can't locate any information about Dave Nicholson, and all I know is that he is a successful web marketer, and they make a solid team.

Now, let's get to the meat of my Niche Marketing Kit review to discover what you can gain from it and more.

Generating Traffic

A firm will not prosper unless it has individuals to assist it to grow. If the website does not get visitors or traffic in the digital marketing sector, it is ineffective.

Consider how much work you put into developing content yet no one noticed.

It's irritating, but it also implies that something is wrong, and you need to analyze your techniques to determine what works and what doesn't.

This traffic-generating package provides the following benefits:

  • Complete traffic generation workshop for 45 days.
  • Simple Traffic Solutions by John Thornhill is always available.
  • Video course on a traffic-generating explosion.
  • 150,000 complete PLR articles
  • The video and booklet tutorial on the Google traffic pump technology.
  • Phoenix of traffic.

Driving traffic to your website is critical for your business since it is where you will develop an audience and maybe make money.

It is not only vital, but it also attempts to develop more valuable material that your audience will return to each time they visit your site.

Although traffic is not the only thing your business need, it may play an important role in your success as an online marketer.

John employed automation to bring a large number of visitors to his website.

Now, I'm not a huge supporter of automation or promises of instant success.

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Video Promotion

Using films to assist people to understand the product or service is a significant and effective marketing approach.

People will buy a product if they understand what it does and how it will benefit them.

A great video marketing approach for your digital business might bring in more prospective clients or prospects.

You can utilize the video templates included in the Niche Marketing Kit.

This video marketing tool provides the following benefits:

  • Master resale rights for the video marketing blueprint video course.
  • Resell Rights to the ultimate video course.
  • Resell rights to a video cash blueprint.
  • Templates for video sales pages
  • A massive 70-skin video skin bundle.
  • Pack of video sales and squeeze page templates.
  • Hundreds of graphical pieces, all with source files.
  • Master resale rights for video marketing secrets revealed
  • PLR video magic
  • eBook and video training about SEO video warrior.
  • Pack of premium video sales and squeeze page templates.

The squeeze page templates and video templates are the most useful features of the video marketing package.

This is beneficial for individuals who want to produce squeeze pages and videos for their marketing initiatives.

Marketers use squeeze pages to collect opt-in email addresses from website visitors and potential customers.

There's also an SEO video warrior ebook and video course to assist you to learn more about increasing traffic to your business using videos and raising user awareness of the items or services you'll be offering.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing product is ideal for people who want to make money by promoting affiliate items.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you may handle many themes and see which ones work better or are more profitable.

It is also about identifying the best niche for you, thus this is excellent foundation training for new marketers.

This affiliate marketing product provides the following benefits:

  • Access to the affiliate ad rotator is permanent.
  • Clickbank Affiliate Master is available on an ongoing basis.
  • Affiliate Alliance and Affiliate Promo Formula
  • PLR Affiliate Marketing Master Plan Package
  • PLR bundle for affiliate marketing made simple.
  • Master resale rights for the affiliate rockstar dominance series.
  • Master resale rights are outlined in the affiliate manager's manual.
  • Identifying the most effective affiliate items to market the PLR bundle.
  • PLR Package for Finding JV Partners
  • PLR bundle on how to create powerful sales funnels.
  • Master resale rights for affiliate blogging video ebook.
  • Master resale rights for affiliate revenues blueprint.

John designed ClickBank Affiliate Master to assist marketers in selecting the most successful area and eventually developing their own affiliate marketing business.

You may receive a commission through Affiliates, which is another attractive potential for those who are serious about generating money online.

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What Is the Price of a Niche Marketing Kit?

The Niche Marketing Kit costs $19.95 at the time of this review. Isn't the pricing reasonable? There is, however, a catch, which I will show shortly.

The benefit of this product is that it has everything you need to establish a business.

However, most PLR information is out of date, which is a problem because it may be difficult to sell or utilize.

The catch is that you will be able to purchase more items once you have completed the checkout process. Here's what you can anticipate from them, sometimes known as upsells.

Upsell #1

The initial OTO is an extra PLR plan, 99 exclusive label civil liberties "ready to go" product bundles.

The down-sell here is essentially a scaled-down version of the same argument; you get 25 PLR products rather than 99.

Upsell #2 

This package includes 99 premium websites that you may use for your own marketing purposes.

This down-sell, like the original, provides 25 sites rather than 99.

Upsell #3 

The last upsell is a monthly PLR membership that includes access to their Shop Builder product.

Is it worthwhile to purchase a Niche Marketing Kit?

As I mentioned previously in my Niche Marketing Kit review, it is within my price range. The quantity of things available here is reasonable.

However, the tool training that you receive here may be accessed on the web or on YouTube, where some will provide it to you for free and others will update it.

Unlike here, the majority of the PLR information is out of date.

It is entirely up to you whether or not to purchase this product.

If you bought the product but didn't enjoy it, you may request a refund because the authors give a 30-day money-back guarantee if clients aren't completely happy.

Is Niche Marketing Kit a Scam?

No. Niche Marketing Kit is not a deception. As you can see, the price is reasonable, and you will receive a lot of useful stuff in exchange for your money.

Niche Marketing Kit was intended for affiliate marketers who want to learn how to establish a successful online brand or business.

Marketing initiatives may be time-consuming to create.

Niche Marketing Kit offers a variety of affiliate and niche marketing training videos.

It is an excellent resource for developing your next content marketing campaign in order to automate tasks and focus on other elements of your online company, such as training and learning more about affiliate marketing.

If you are serious about starting an internet business, the training and resources available from Niche Marketing Kit are invaluable.

However, it is not for everyone, particularly those searching for high-quality PLR material.

As I already stated, most of them are generic and obsolete, so keep that in mind before ordering the product.

Yes, the price is reasonable, but if you're a marketer with a sufficient understanding of PLR items, you'll undoubtedly question if it's worthwhile.

Most novices will struggle to get started with their specialized marketing initiatives.

That is why it is critical to invest in training that will provide you with a strong grasp of how to expand your business and make money online.

Product Name: Niche Marketing Kit

Official Website

Overall Rank: 4.0/5

 Scam or Legit?: It’s not a scam

Who is it For?: Anyone who wants to master Affiliate Marketing and traffic strategies

Order Now

Last Words

You now understand what Niche Marketing Kit is and why I do not suggest it to everyone, particularly those searching for high-quality PLR material and complete niche marketing training.

Despite the large number of items available, I do not believe it is of high quality and worth strengthening your niche and affiliate marketing efforts.

Yes, you can utilize a lot of PLR stuff here, such as articles, videos, templates, and more, but it's not of high quality.

Also, as I have stated, the majority of the PLR on this site is out of the current.

Furthermore, the training and tactics you'll discover here are based on their prior experience, which may or may not work now.

Overall, this Niche Marketing Kit is a large product, but it is not worth the price, and I do not suggest it to everyone.

Rather, I'd want to invest in training and courses that will assist me to grasp niche or affiliate marketing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Niche Marketing Kit review. Do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to leave a remark in the space below!

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