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Here is a list of the best 6 alternatives to 1.TopParrain 2. Refermate 3. Referral codes 4.Refer codes 5. Use My Code 6. Referrall.c Referral Program Alternatives

A referral link, often known as an affiliate link, is a URL that enables a business to advertise its products or web content. It contains the affiliate ID, which is used to track how people get to a website. It is created when a visitor becomes a customer by filling out a form or purchasing a product.

A referral link also keeps track of every phase of your referral campaign in real-time, from customer sign-ups to new referrals to converted leads, and so on. A referral link may help you enhance and maximize your referral marketing efforts by providing a comprehensive view of the whole referral process.

In this article, we are going to talk about and how to use this awesome tool to promote your content or links to almost 700k visitors per month.

And I made a list of the best alternatives to but first, let's see the difference between referral links and referral codes.

Referral links Vs Referral codes

A referral link includes a referral code. The referral code, in further detail, is the unique identification within each referral link.

A referral link comprises the URL of the page to which a referral will be sent (this can potentially be a truncated URL), as well as a unique referral code that contains all of the referring customer's identifying information.


Whether you're a blogger, an early adopter, or just a helpful friend, is a free tool for increasing your referral money. You'll receive one handy link containing all of your essential invite codes, making it simple to find and distribute them. These great offers benefit both you and your audience. Allow your invitation codes to work for you by releasing them.

On your Invitation profile, organize all of your referral codes. People looking for deals will be able to find your articles. You will be rewarded for your work.

The browser extension displays the greatest referral deals provided by your friends and the community when you join up for a new service or make an online purchase. is by far one of the best referral programs that organize all of your referral links and make them seen by over 700k visitors per month. number of visitors per month screenshot

What is the best way to make a referral link?

Referral software, which generally includes a referral link generator, is the simplest method to produce referral connections for your clients. You'll save a lot of time and work if you automate these tasks from the start.

Imagine having to track every single customer's link... and then making sure that every link that leads to a referral is paid right away. That would be a nightmare.

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Here is a list of the best 6 alternatives to

  1. TopParrain
  2. Refermate
  3. Referral codes
  4. Refer codes
  5. Use My Code (Mobile App)

Is it necessary to have a referral link in your program?

Yes, if you want things to be simple for both you and your consumers. Customers exchange referral links with their friends, and these links are directly linked to their referrals. There's no way to follow all of the activity in your referral program without this link unless you want to do all of the labor yourself.

You may, of course, establish a referral scheme without using any links. However, you will have no way of knowing which customers are providing recommendations, which new customers were recommended, or who sent the referral.

You won't be able to see which customers have earned awards or pay them their referral bonus when one of their recommendations becomes a new client automatically.

Many of the advantages of a referral marketing plan are lost without a referral link to collect data.

Wrapping up the referral links

A referral program's referral links are a modest but crucial component. Your customer or partner won't be able to refer others to your business without a connection. As a result, your company will struggle to reward these loyal clients and may even miss out on developing strong market partnerships.

Integrate referral links to simplify the task and instantly track every new lead and sale generated through your referral program.

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