Top 15 Herculist Plus Solo Ads Alternatives

List of best Top 15 Herculist Plus Alternatives and Competitors including list bonus, European safelist, Eliste Safelist, Dragon Safelist, List Volta.


Herculist Plus Solo Ads Alternatives

The Herculist safelist is a branded safelist with over 220k members that promote your service. It works in the same way as a single ad, but there are a few key differences with this type of email list.

Herculist is a website that provides an email marketing service. Herculist Plus is a paid version of the service that includes additional features such as the ability to send messages to more email addresses, more detailed reporting, and the ability to use an autoresponder. Herculist Plus is designed for individuals and businesses that want to expand their email marketing efforts and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. The website also offers a free version of the service that allows users to send messages to a limited number of email addresses and includes basic reporting features.

A safelist is an email address book that allows you to send emails to other safelist members. It is an online database of individuals, primarily internet marketers, who have given the safelist's owner permission to send daily offers to their email addresses.

The offers might be for any type of product or service, but the majority of safelists provide business opportunities or internet marketing services to help people make money online.

This number will rise whenever a new user decides to join Herculist in order to get their emails.

Members of the safelist will give the safelist's owner permission to receive email offers from other safelist members.

Members of the safelist are often online marketers, and as a result, they get offers from other online marketers. Consequently, a safelist is self-serving because your purpose is to sell your offer, but in exchange, you get to analyze someone else's.

Is There a Difference Between a Safelist and a Solo Ad?

You've probably heard of solo advertising if you're an internet marketer. Although both a safelist and a solo ad are email lists, there is a big distinction between them.

A solo ad is a list of subscribers who have voluntarily sought more information on a certain subject. The list of subscribers isn't offering anything in return (if they have one). This is the difference.

In the case of online marketing, the list of subscribers may be genuinely interested in the topic and eager to learn more about it if it may assist them in resolving a problem.

They will buy a product or service if an offer they get helps them solve a problem.

How Can You Use the Herculist Safelist to Your Advantage?

Safelists were one of the first advertising campaigns I used when I first started internet marketing, and they were a huge success.

Indeed, the Herculist Plus safelist was the only one that generated more leads and revenues for me. I've discovered that many other online marketers agree that the Herculist safelist is the best and most responsive.

When you spread your offer to a larger number of individuals, Safelists function best.

As a result, sending an email to over 220,000 contacts rather than 1000 contacts may result in a higher response rate.

If this is your first time utilizing the Herculist safelist, I strongly urge you to upgrade to their Pro or Gold subscription so that you may send your offer to all 220,000+ members and increase your chances of making a sale.

Top 15 Alternatives to Herculist Plus

Here is a list of the best 15 Herculist Plus Alternatives and Competitors:

  1. List Bonus
  2. European Safelist
  3. Elite Safelist
  4. Dragon Safelist
  5. State of The Art Mailer
  6. My Capture Page
  7. Easy Hits 4 u
  8. Global Safelist
  9. Hit 2 Hit
  10. List Volta
  11. Mister Safelist
  12. Ibotoolbox
  13. Million Leads For free
  14. Traffic Splash
  15. Adchiever

How to send 1000 free Emails each day with Herculist Plus?

Let's look at how to send a Herculist email to 1000 people every day now that that's out of the way.

Primary Marketing: Get your authentic website featured in the Prime parts of the HercuList plus website.

After you've signed up, go to the login page and enter your username and password before clicking the blue login button.

Once you've logged into Herculist Plus, go to the top right of the main menu and click the blue Members icon.

This will take you to your main account page, where you can find all of your Herculist data. To send the email, go to the top menu and click on the orange "Submit email/web ad" icon.

You will be shown yet another advertisement. These are the Prime Ads that Herculist members get access to. From the drop-down menu, choose "Continue to Ad Mailers."

Finally, you'll see a blue screen with information like restrictions and mailing progress, as well as a button that says "Submit Ad."

"Regular Mailer" is on the left, and "Credit Mailer" is on the right as you scroll down.


It's as simple as that. You will receive guaranteed traffic, unlike HercuList. As a consequence, if you think the service is not working for you, you can cancel and get a refund at any time. There will be no problems. This is a paid service, but it is a tiny one that you will readily recoup. As a consequence, you don't have anything to worry about.

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